Curve Your Way


This is the machine that started a movement: the original authentic EzyRoller. It's the genuine article, extendable to allow kids from 4 to 14 and even adults to curve their way. Check it out


Why should the little ones miss out?
The EzyRoller Mini is a mini version of the Classic for younger kids. In no time, they're curving like they were born to it. Check it out


Turns out, kids of all ages love the EzyRoller, including the ones with kids of their own. So we just had to invent the EzyRoller Pro, designed to carry more adult weight and allow for longer legs. Check it out


This machine is for EzyRolling Ninjas. Once you've mastered how to curve your way, the Drifter's unique wheel design lets you 'drift' on corners. It’s smooth, fluid and fearless. Check it out